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Journal Entry, Friday, May 11, 1945

We are sweeping very early again, with same type gear. The more we sweep the more we become careless. We used to be on edge seeing ships blow up from mines. Now we just go on as if nothing is happening. We are anchored in tonight. The weather is so stormy I doubt if we have any air raids.

Journal Entry, Thursday, May 10, 1945

We headed for the northwest anchorage about daylight. We swept with m-type [magnetic sweep] gear until early afternoon. It is out turn for patrol duty tonight. Our position is just a few hundred yards from Jap held territory. We are so close now, you can see flame-throwers in action. Shells are whistling over our heads. I wouldn’t be surprised if we were hit. As soon as it is dark, we will be much safer.

Journal Entry, Wed, May 9, 1945

During the day we done odd jobs that had to be done. In the afternoon, we had a mail call, not much, but a few. Right after dark we had two air raids. Several ships were hit, causing heavy casualties. Luck is still with us. I hope it holds out. We hear a rumor we may go back to [Saipan], or calmer water soon. The stormy season will soon be here. It is to rough for small craft, to withstand.

Journal Entry, Tuesday, May 8, 1945

No air raids today for a change. It was too cloudy and stormy. We re-fuelled from a tanker, and took on stores from a CMS.

Journal Entry, Monday, May 7, 1945

Two or three air raids again. I don’t know of any damage done so far. Many times they attack the patrol ships, and call it a day. Tonight we will be up again flushing the evaporator. I have never flushed one before, so I don’t know how long it will take.

Journal Entry, Sunday, May 6, 1945

Air raids during the day again. One suicide-plane hit a large seaplane tender, with heavy casualties. Robot bombs are adding up our casualty list. Several planes were shot down before they could do any damage. We worked all night on the main engines. A sleeve was cracked, and leaking badly.

Journal Entry, Saturday, May 5, 1945

We received stores from an AKN[?]. From they gave us, and that which we took ourselves, we received quite a variety. Air raids again during the day. For some unknown reason all of the raids have at daylight instead of darkness, as they were before, the majority of the time.

Journal Entry, Friday, May 4, 1945

We are still getting repair work done, on our radar, and sound gear. Air raids were off and on all day long. The Japs have a new weapon now, a “Robot-Bomb”. They have fins and rudders similar to an airplane’s. They are launched from bombers a few miles out. A man inside, glides them into a ship. They have been pretty effective.

Journal Entry, Thursday, May 3, 1945

I worked on the air-compressor all day. We are going to have to get some new parts pretty soon, as we are out. GQ sounded just after chow. We moved from place to place, screening. Several ships were hit by suicide planes, causing heavy casualties. It was condition red, flash-green all night. Today was our biggest and best day for days. Without no warning we received mail. It was old, but it was mail. That is all that counts. It is funny how a little mail change a fellow. We are all jolly fellows now.

Journal Entry, Wednesday, May 2, 1945

We anchored in all day. Just doing repair work on machinery and etc. We borrowed another show “Submarine Alert.” It was very good. We went out the channel and anchored, for sound watch, and look out for suicide boats. The Japs were very close. You could see their gunfire, and our flamethrowers. Most of the island is secure now. Our equipment is scattered all about. Airfields, roads, and etc. are too our use now.

Journal Entry, Tuesday, May 1, 1945

It looks like we might stay here for a few days. There is plenty of work to be done. We could sure use a little time. I have spent a very full day today, from daylight until mid-night. A couple more days, and the work should be pretty well caught up. The fellows borrowed a movie, off another YMS for tonight. I would like to see it, but it will be impossible.

Journal Entry, Monday, April 30, 1945

We started sweeping at daylight. we secured by noon. By early afternoon we were on our way to the anchorage that is not secured yet. The one in which we had so many casualties. We anchored during the night. It was a peaceful night, no GQ or air raids.

Journal Entry, Sunday, April 29, 1945

We swept all day again. This time sweeping port and starboard together. In the afternoon we used m-type [magnetic sweep]. There have been several floating mines spotted and destroyed. It is taken that the mines are laid by plane during the night. It has been done before. Bogies have been around all day again. They come in groups. Between them and minesweeping, we get very little rest. You get so tired, you can sleep any place, at any time. For instance today, I went on watch at 0330, and will not be through, and able to hit my sack until 2400. No wonder every one is on edge, and tired.

Journal Entry, Saturday, April 28, 1945

We started sweeping at dawn (o-type [moored contact mines; oropesa/otter/kite sweep]). Texaco himself, is in charge. We never secured until, it was too dark to carry on. All during the day bogies were close about. They attacked small craft, sank a DD, and probably more damage. One bogie was shot down. Again, GQ sounded twice during the evening.

Journal Entry, Friday, April 27, 1945

By daylight we were taking on stores, from an A.K.N. We received the biggest variety, we have had since we left Pearl. A mail boat came along side. We got mail to distribute to other YMS, but none for our selves. By noon we were well on our way to do more sweeping, in a place we have never been before. We joined the squadron, gave them their mail, and went to sea for the evening. We had two GQ. during the night.