My grandfather, Charles Dean Paul “Chuck”, served aboard the YMS-299. His service in the Pacific at Okinawa during 1944 and 1945 has been chronicled in a journal he kept and around 50 letters he sent home. I’ve collected his photos, personnel file, letters, audio stories, journal and more and am putting together a history on the ship’s and her crew’s activity during this time period.

Beyond YMS-299, a site for all wooden ships and iron men

While working on the project, I’ve been contacted by children of the crew of YMS-299, cadets who served on Rhea after decommissioning, and by living soldiers or family of veterans who served aboard sibling YMS ships. This site has grown beyond the story of my grandfather and is dedicated to honoring and remembering all of those iron men who served aboard the YMS fleet during the Pacific War.

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