I just posted an eight-part biographical series as shared by Lieutenant Martin “Marty” E Roberts, who served aboard YMS-468 in the Americas and Japan. The write-up, photos, and trinkets attached are very fascinating!


  • A photo of the YMS-468 commissioning
  • An official Sacred Order of the Golden Dragon membership card, bestowed upon soldiers who cross the International Date Line by sea; more on Wikipedia, but its history is mired in controversy over hazing incidents
  • Many rare tourism photos of Nicaragua and war-torn Japan
  • The envelope and artwork sent in celebration of Japan’s surrender
  • A Pan Am travel card with beautiful period artwork
  • …and much more!

Jump into the full story, starting with part 1 of “Navy Days – A Letter to Joe”:

Thank you, Marty!

More information on the YMS-468 build specification can be found on NavSource.