We are anchored again at the same place as yesterday, this morning, shortly after daylight. The fellows took turns diving under the fantail, to cut a five-inch line loose that was caught around the port shaft. We heard news that the war was over in Europe today, and Russia had declared war on Japan. If this is straight dope, it is the best news we have heard in a long time. Our biggest worry now is to stay alive. The way the Japs send suicide planes and boats everyday, things look pretty slim at times. Last night, suicide boats were sent out, but shot up before they done any damage. They are a very fast boat, making them all the more deadly. We set out to sea at 1800 with two or more small ships. At dusk air raids started. The ship ahead of us was busy for a few minutes. We were just a small distance away, but was never attacked. Things quieted down shortly, and we returned to our card games.