This is the citation mentioned in Chuck’s September letter home, commending the troops for their efforts in kicking off Operation Iceberg, the invasion of Okinawa during early April, 1945. This letter was given to all members of the YMS-299 crew (I have a second copy of it addressed to Thomas Morley, sent to me by his son).

042045 Written Citation

042045 Written Citation


NAVPERS – – 601 (9-43)

Paul, Charles Dean

Service No. 660-35-65
Rate MOMM 2/C

Date Reported Aboard
November 7, 1944

USS – – YMS 299

20 April 1945

Was a member of forces engaged in clearing mines from the approaches to the harbors of NAKGUSUKU WAN, KINMU WAN, and OKINAWA SHIMA from 3rd to 10th April 1945.

Referring to the latter activities the Commander of the Eastern Fire Support Group sent the following message, in paraphrase.

“By those that can now safely use the waters that you have cleared, the sacrifices made and the courage and perseverance of the personnel under your command are deeply appreciated”

The commander of MINE SQUADRON TEN commented on the above as follows:

“With great sorrow for the casualties involved, the Minesweeping Task Group Commander can only add: ‘Well done'”

Signed O. Sapari, Lt. USNR

Original in Service Record
Duplicate to BupersEnlisted Man’s Jacket
Triplicate to Charles Dean Paul