Envelope (front); December 17, 1944

Envelope (front); December 17, 1944

Chas. D. Paul MoMM 2/c
c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, Cal.

Mr. Frank O. Paul
2919 Brinker Avenue
Ogden, Utah

Passed by Naval Censor

Dec 18 1944

Air Mail
6 cents
United states of America

Letter home (page 1); December 17, 1944

Letter home (page 1); December 17, 1944

Letter home (page 2); December 17, 1944

Letter home (page 2); December 17, 1944

Dec. 17, 44

Dear folks,
Well here it is Sunday and we are having holiday routine. As for myself, I am going to spend it writing letters. I always try to take advantage of my spare time.

We got our pictures back and am enclosing some. I hope you like them. Each day we took them, it was raining. We would just wait until it would let up, and then take one or two. We finally got them all taken. I don’t know how many days I spent trying to get film and a camera. I finally hit it lucky.

You remember Al Kirk in Milford? I ran into his son Junior Kirk who was student boy president at Milford. Every once in a while, I run into someone I know.

Remember Rowley Edlefsen from Driggs? I just missed him the other day. I would sure like to have seen him.

How is the family getting along by now? Does Don still run away? He is like I used to be, isn’t he. Remember how you used to have to come after me all the time. I remember one time I was tied to a tree, to keep me from leaving my own party. To look back now, it is rather amusing. I guess everyone was something like that at one time.

I think I wrote and told you i received the Christmas package. One of the radio tubes were broken. We have so many radios aboard each ship, we have very little use for one of our own.

I was going to change my allotment the first of the year, but I won’t be able to. I will either do it later, or just let my pay ride and then send a money order.

Well, I will close for now, hoping to hear from you soon.

With love,