We were told our new assignment and etcetera. We are to sweep a 40-mile area southwest of [Okinawa] about 70 miles. The objective is [Sakishima]. Twelve AM’s will sweep both sides, covering an area of two miles a sweep. They will make two 40-mile passes a day. Six YMS’s will lay san buoys, be buoy spotters and etcetera. PGM’s will be our air-supporters. They will keep circling close by. Four DM’s will protect us from surface craft and etcetera. In all, there will be about 40 ships. In addition there will be four Hellcats and four Avengers, which will help a lot. This minefield is right in a sub lane—70 some odd subs have been reported. In addition to this, there are four main airbases on [Sakishima], where a big share of suicide planes come from. We were told to expect the worse, and hope for the best. If everything goes well, we should be through in a week. At 2300 we are to start out on our objective, and be there by sunrise to get an early start.