Early this morning we returned to [Nakagusuku-Wan; “Buckner Bay”]. They are still fighting it out. Some how they keep coming out of holes here and there. The city is just as flat at a highway. No liberty there. Bogies bothered us again. Very little damage was done this time. Or scout planes, and seas planes took a lot of our hands. I notice today some of the fellows’ nerves are going, and going fast. I hope mine hold out. I don’t get scared and freeze, as I have seen some do, but my knees get a little wobbly now and then. While action is going on, you fell fine. In fact you just can’t wait for something to shoot at. After it is all over, you begin to realize what has happened. Then is when you shake. My first plane is the only time I have shaken. But I have come mighty close to it many times.