We arrived as usual to start an early sweep. Our PGM-18 escort was following along as usual, when she hit a mine amid-ships. Upon seeing this, YMS-103 went back to help. As she drew up close she hit a mine, blowing her bow clean off. Again the YMS and PGM exploded, causing much more damage, The PGM capsized and sank very shortly. The YMS stayed afloat. Survivor boats were sent out from AM-15, picking up sixteen—or half of the crew of the YMS-103—and nineteen out of sixty-five from PGM-18. We waited until things quieted down, then resumed our sweeping. Along about quitting time, YMS-92 tried to dodge three mines, but hit the last one with her fantail, blowing it clear off. They saw it coming and was able to save every man. Thank the Lord for that.