We returned from sea during the early morning, to again try our luck. This time we are sweeping dangerously close to the main Island. Our troops sound as though they are really mopping up. We are close enough to see troops along the beach. On our final lap around for the evening, the sweep gear on YMS-427 wasn’t working right, so we switched places. Just as we made our turn, the shore batteries turned loose on us. They’d had too big of guns for us, so all we could do is make a run for it. They nearly hit us several times. YMS-427 wasn’t so lucky—they were hit by the port fifty, killing two men and one officer. If we hadn’t of switched places with them on the last lap, I may not be here today. I have the same station on this ship. Call it luck if you want, but I think that’s one I owe the Father in Heaven himself.