Envelope (front); November 19, 1944

Envelope (front); November 19, 1944

Charles D. Paul MoMM 2/c
U.S.S.-Y.M.S. 299
c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, Cal.

Mr. Frank O. Paul
2919 Brinks Avenue
Ogden, Utah

Passed by Naval Censor

U.S. Postage
6 cents
Via Air Mail

Nov 21 1944

Letter home (page 1); November 19, 1944

Letter home (page 1); November 19, 1944

Letter home (page 2); November 19, 1944

Letter home (page 2); November 19, 1944

United States Navy
Nov. 19, 1944

Dear Folks,
Well, today is Sunday and I have the day off, so I will spend it writing letters. This is the first day off we have had for months. It really seems nice. I always did like Sunday off, although one day here is the same as the rest.

We are having chicken for chow today. It really looks and smells good. That is quite a treat once in a while. We have  a new cook and so far he is alright. You never can tell. Time tells. Our last one on my other ship was good to start with, but after a bit you needed an antidote after each meal. I hope this one doesn’t turn out that way.

One of these days I will get my mail and when I do, I should have quite a stack. I haven’t received any for several weeks. It will catch up with me someday. Mail is all you have to look forward to, so you will wait a good while.

Well Dad, were you satisfied with the election? I sure wasn’t. Maybe I am wrong, but I would never vote for Roosevelt. Remember when Hoover was in? I liked Hoover better for some reason. You can remember how I stuck up for you against Roosevelt back in Minnesota.

I tried to get tubes for the radio, but no go. The radioman can’t even get them. If he can’t, no one can, so I will send it back. It really is a nice one and every once in a while we hit a place where it would be alright.

How much money and bonds have I got saved up? I would like to know. Are you getting the allotment yet? If you aren’t, I will have to check up on it and see what’s wrong.

Well, in another year and a half, I may be home. The war is a lot going on they didn’t know about. The day will come soon, I hope.

Love always,
Charles D. Paul