Chuck mentions news about “the islands” that he is in. I am assuming he is referring to Hawaii, as he hasn’t shipped to the war yet and the post office is still in California.

The ship he is referring to likely wouldn’t be his own ship, but the USS Signet (AM-302). The Signet is, I believe, the transport ship he is going to take into the war. I’m guessing the crew and supplies on the YMS itself would need to be as trim as possible to make the long journey quickly and with fuel efficiency.

Envelope (front); November 6, 1944

Envelope (front); November 6, 1944

Charles D. Paul 660-35-65 MoMM 2/c USNR
Receiving Barracks Navy 10 (one zero)
General Detail
c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, Calif.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank O. Paul
2919 Brinks Avenue
Ogden, Utah

Passed by Naval Censor

U.S. Postage
6 cents
Via Air Mail

U.S. Navy
Nov 7 1944

Letter home (page 1); November 6, 1944

Letter home (page 1); November 6, 1944

Letter home (page 2); November 6, 1944

Letter home (page 2); November 6, 1944

Hawaii F.H.
Nov. 6, 1944

Dear Folks,
I received the radio yesterday and was very pleased. There are radios all around here, so in case I may lose it or not be able to use it, I am sending it back. I hope you don’t mind. It is really a nice little radio. I can use it when I return home.

I was transferred off the ship yesterday. I was plenty glad to get it. No one liked it there. You worked too many hours for nothing at all. Someone was always in trouble. I managed to stay out.

Remember the news in the paper about all the islands? I am glad I am away from them now. It gets quite tiresome. There is nothing to do at nine tenths of them. Every once in a while you hit something pretty good.

I don’t know what I will do now. I am just waiting. I don’t think it will be long though. I hate to wait and wonder what is going to happen.

I received the pictures you sent yesterday. They were very good. It looks as though Dad is growing a mustache, is that right? Well I have one too, about an inch long. I shaved my head off. It is too much of an insect catcher[?].

Don is sure growing. I hardly recognize him. He has thinned out a lot and started growing tall. He is going to be a fine boy.

I went swimming today. It was fresh water too. I didn’t believe I would ever see fresh water again.

Tonight, I have duty from 0000 to 0400, so I had better hit the sack. I hope to hear from you soon.

Love always,
Charles D. Paul