• User AvatarJerry Marton
    when I was young and my brother was a cadet on the M.V.Rhea I use to go on three hour sunday cruises on lake Erie. the M.V. Rhea was a beautiful ship
    Mar 03, 11:16 PM
  • User AvatarVernon Mills
    Silly question Bob. How in hell could I forget someone that lived backyard to backyard with me since we were four foot runts. The last time I saw you was when Linda and I were living in Calgary and you were based at Sarcee barracks. It's hard to believe that over 30 years have passed since then. Shit man, we're getting old!!! Here's my e-mail address : vern2000@telus.net . Damnned good to here from you.
    Jan 23, 2:28 AM
  • User AvatarRobert Pigeau
    Vern this is Robert Pigeau. Do you remember me? You can find me on Facebook. I am the one in the Tan uniform with the UN Beret.
    Jan 22, 1:03 AM
  • User AvatarMarty Roberts
    Most interesting, good job !! I served on YMS 468. Put her in commission 1944 in Jacksonville, FL and left her in Sasebo, Japan 1946. Tasted a lot of salt water !
    Dec 25, 1:24 AM
  • User AvatarBrian Gillis
    Yes I remember you Jim Sherret.. I worked on the spring lines.. with Rick Matz, Jim Howlett
    Nov 26, 10:20 AM
  • User AvatarRoger Swanson Jr. (of Conneaut, Ohio)
    Cool this was the ship I helped design a flag for when I was young teenager. The ship came to Conneaut, Ohio we were with my Dad who was a member with the Conneaut Yacht Club (CYC). I have always wondered how long they kept using that design.
    Jun 14, 9:32 PM
  • User AvatarBarry Millen
    I spent many summer weekends aboard Rhea from 1976 thru 1979 as a Petty Officer. I served under Captain Harrington on board as well I was Petty Officer First Class of the guard at HMCS Provost. I made many friends those years on board and always wondered what they grew up to be. We were taught honour and loyalty would go along way. We had a lot of fun taking her out on Lake Erie training visiting cadet corps. The fun we had made the work we did much easier, and I do miss those easier summer days. Thank you for the memories, Barry
    May 23, 9:13 PM
  • User AvatarM.S.
    This is a receipt in the amount of $7.50 for a subscription for the period May 10, 7th yearof Tasho (1918) until February 20, 8th year of Taisho (1919). It seems the receipt was issued on December(?) 13, 8th year of Taisho but I can't read it clearly.
    Apr 21, 2:12 PM
  • User AvatarJohn Levantis
    I have a photo of the vessel the day it sank if you wish. Let me know.
    Mar 27, 2:22 PM
  • User AvatarBrian Gillis
    Like to get in touch with Jim Howlett. I served with him on board MV Rhea in the sixties.. Can you forward my email addy to him / With Thanks
    Feb 24, 11:26 AM
  • User AvatarCarolyn
    Hi, My father has such admiration for your father and a love as a mentor for Jack Savage. I have all the released secret documents of their events in Okinawa and I continue to try and locate all people that were associated with YMS-103. My father is such a wonderful loving man who is undergoing his last days from Pulmonary Fibrosis. I have read from previous accounts that all of the YMS survisors and honered heroes have received a Citation for their splendid efforts. Dad has not account of this citation. Do you know of this citation? Best regards, Carolyn Edwin L Slough's daughter
    Feb 17, 7:47 PM
  • User AvatarMark Collins
    Greetings, My son just took his oath in the us Navy - special Operations. I have a long time interest in mine sweepers and am fortunate to possess one of the original flags from the USS Rhea. Looking to get a full and detailed set of blueprints of the Rhea. I read. On this site that a set exists but due to confidentiality are not published. Hoping the owner would consider allowing me to get a copy of them. Naturally I will pay a fair price. I simply would like to have them framed and displayed beneath the Rhea flag. Can anyone help. Thank you. Be Well & Please Advise, Mark
    Feb 04, 9:34 PM
  • User AvatarJim Howlett
    I am so I have found this blog wich includes the "Rhea" I was In the Sea Cadets when we bought her, a very exciting time in my teen years .Many a weekend was spent working on this ship and traveling to Conneaut and Sandusky Ohio . Some of my fondest memories of my youth are about this ship. I was just looking at some stuff on a site from Port Dover [Scruton marine dot com] and in the marine antiques section low and behold there is the ships wheel from the Rhea,for sale,I must admit it brought a little tear to my eye Its interesting the mention of Bruce Lumly he and I were great buddys for many years along with a number of others who spent time on the Rhea Thanks for the trip back in time Jim
    Jan 18, 4:29 PM
  • User AvatarVice Admiral J. A. Sagerholm, USN (Ret.)
    As a former commanding officer of Rhea ((July 1956 - August 1957), I was pleasantly surprised to find this history of my first command in the US Navy. In addition to the operations mentioned in the history during 1956-57, Rhea also participated in Operation Springboatd 1957, conducted in the waters of the Caribbean. All of Mine Squadron Four transited in formation from Charleston, SC, to San Juan, PR, in the midst of a storm that saw green water crashing over the open bridges of our minesweepers. The quartermaster of one of the sweeps was swept overboard at night the third day of transit, and was lost at sea duiring that storm. After arrival in Puerto Rico, we were detached to conduct independent minesweeping exercises, and we found the sheltered waters of Caneel Bay in the Virgin Islands to be ideal both for day ops and for night anchoring, a beautiful tract of the sea. We also had the opportunity to operate with several minesweepers of the RAN during that time. Incidentally, in 1956, as I recall, the US Navy was building new minesweepers designated MSC for "coastal minsweeper," and the designation AMS was replaced with MSC (O) standing for "coastal minesweeper (obsolete)." The latter word in parentheses did not do much for morale, to say the least, but we made the best of it. I personally consider my tour in minesweepers, first as XO of Crow(MSC(O)-7) , followed by command of Rhea, as priceless learning experiences, both in gaining considerable skill in shiphandling, and in learning the art of command at a relatively early stage in my naval career.
    Oct 02, 12:39 AM
  • User AvatarTRACY NIX
    My daddy was on this boat. What a great man he is and always has been. He will be 89 years old in October this year. I love him very much, trust him dearly, would do anything in the world for him. He speaks highly of the Navy, the training he received, how it helped him start his own business, met my mom, and had us kids (3). I'm so thankful God allowed him to live through the War and be MY DADDY! He has recently received a U.S. Flag from a Congressman that flew at the White House. As a rider with the Patriot Guard, I will ask them to be present at my Daddy's funeral when He goes to Heaven... My Daddy is a ROCK in my life, has never said a bad thing about anyone or taken advantage of anyone. He has always been a man of Honor and patience trusting God and his wife of over 65 years. My daddy has always worked for anything he ever got in life and taught me the same values which I passed on to my boys. I could go on forever! Maybe I will write more later, but for now THANKS TO THE UNITED STATES NAVY, THANKS TO OUR VETERANS, THANKS TO THOSE CURRENTLY SERVING IN THE MILITARY, THANKS TO OUR PRESIDENT AND THANKS TO GOD FOR HELPING GIVE US A GREAT COUNTRY AND FANTASTIC PEOPLE LIKE MY DADDY! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND EVERYONE WHO EVER READS THIS FOREVER AND EVER. AMEN
    May 11, 1:17 PM
  • User AvatarRichard Thornton
    Tony So glad to see an interest in this severely neglected branch of the Navy during WWII operations. I sent you a separate private e-mail about potential other information that mentions the YMS-299 as well as the YMS-1, 92, 425 as well as the PGM-18. To anyone interested, go to the Navsource website and open the listing for the YMS-103. I have had them post an after-action report that my father filed as a result of the '103 being mined. Small world, almost 65 years ago our parents and grand parents were involved in naval operations, literally within yards of each other and here we are talking about it and sharing information on what we know. Internet at it's best. The best book covering WWII minesweepers, IMHO, is "Most Dangerous Sea" by Arnold S. Lott LCDR, USN.
    Mar 12, 10:04 AM
  • User AvatarVernon A C Mills
    I was so unbelievably happy to find a website about the Rhea. I also cried to learn that She had sunk. As a Sea Cadet during the 70's, I lived to be at Port Stanley every weekend. I think, if given the opportunity, I would have left home and lived on that ship. My teen years will never be forgotten as long as I have memories of the MV Rhea. Thank you for your time and trouble to bring back all those wonderful minutes, hours and years. Also, would you by chance have an e-mail address for Charley Donaldson, I just realized it's been over 35 years since I've seen or talked to him. Many thanks. Vern Mills
    Mar 03, 11:03 PM
  • User AvatarWarren Rich
    Hey Chuck, Nice to see someone here. My Dad was Bob Richardson. I recall going out once. When the Legion went for a ride. I had to work for that ride. Ward room steward and remember only the first half of the trip. I'll look around, I have some interior pics somewhere.
    Jun 25, 2:15 PM
  • User AvatarRich Warren
    I can't comment on the ship, but that's definitely the eastern portion of the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge in the background with the ship shown floating on the spot where the new replacement bridge is currently under construction. The Berkeley hills can be seen faintly to the east on the left side of the bridge with the Port of Oakland and now gone Alameda Naval Air Station to the right side.
    Apr 07, 7:34 AM
  • User Avatarchuck donaldson
    no l don,t have photos of inside but l have some pics l will give you just send me your adress below decks were kept the same as war years other than pettyofficers area 2 bunks were built over amo hatch and when sweeping gear was removed officers quarters were installed other than that we kept her the same l also have a pic of her sinking from 1997
    Feb 24, 11:09 AM
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